Lea'bilitie Dies overview

 Lea'bilities® en Multi Dies® are cutting and embossing dies.
 The dies can be used on most types of cutting and embossing machines.

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Multi die flower 002

Article no: 45.8510
Multi die flower 002

Lea'bilities scenery trees lea013

Article no: 45.8299
Lea013 scenery trees

Lea'bilities scenery with house lea014

Article no: 45.8305
Lea014 scenery with house

Lea'bilities frame holly Lea009

Article no: 45.8251
Lea009 frame holly

Lea'bilities border corner holly Lea010

Article no: 45.8268
Lea010 border corner holly

Lea'bilities wreath 4 seasons Lea011

Article no: 45.8275
Lea011 wreath 4 seasons

Lea'bilities branche 4 seasons Lea012

Article no: 45.8282
Lea012 branche 4 seasons

Lea'bilities frame curve Lea005

Article no: 45.8091
Lea005 framecurve

Lea'bilities frame square curl Lea007

Article no: 45.8114
Lea007 frame square curl

Lea'bilities seashell & waves Lea008

Article no: 45.8121
Lea008 seashell & waves

Lea'bilities Frame Leave Lea001

Article no: 45.7667
Lea001 Frame Leave

Lea'bilities Roses Lea003

Article no: 45.7681
Lea003 Roses

Lea'bilities Garden gate Lea004

Article no: 45.7698
Lea004 Garden gate